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Research Awards

Previous Research Award Winners

Dissertation of the Year Winners

2011: Thomas Thompson, Assessing the Determinants of Information Technology Adoption in Jamaica's Public Sector Using the Technology Acceptance Model.

2012: Milton Kabia, Contributions of professional certification and information technology work experience to self-reported job performance.

2013: Becky Collins: Attitudes of middle school students with disabilities toward physical education: A mixed methods examination.

2014: Anta Fall Moore, Experiences of African American women declining or delaying breast cancer surgery: A phenomenological study. 

2015: Dale Spurlin: When Learning could hurt, A case study of student-veterans and their combat experiences in the classroom.

2016: Melinda Riccitelli, Science identity's influence on community college students' engagement, persistence, and performance in biology.

2017: Renee Squier, Hiring for performance and retention: Examining the relationship between cognitive fit and employee turnover in the U.S. Navy

2018: Sylvester Wilson, A Qualitative Case Study on the Academic Impact of Middle School Students Living as Doubled-Up Homeless Youths

2019: Ginna Myers, Adults Behaving Badly:  The Effects of Job Strain Variables and Perpetrators’ Dark Triad Traits on Teacher Victimization

Alumni of the Year Winners (Please note, the AOY award is not based on the submitted dissertation)

2018: Kirby Reutter, The Effects of Spirituality and Religiosity upon Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: Mediation, Moderation, or Moderated Mediation?

2019: Michael Clumpner, Analysis of Records that Represent an Active Shooter Response Model with 32 Large-Scale Exercises

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