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JFK School of Law Resource Center Home

Legal Research Resources


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Westlaw Edge

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CEB / OnLaw

Hein Online


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Legal Resource


General National Materials:

Corpus Juris Secundum or American Jurisprudence, 2d

  • Lexis: Content Type >Secondary Materials >  Treatises, Practice Guides & Jurisprudence
  • Westlaw: Content Type > Secondary Sources > Jurisprudence & Encyclopedias – Alphabetized list has Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S) and American Jurisprudence, 2d.


A legal dictionary

  • Black’s Law Dictionary on Westlaw: Secondary Sources > Tools and Resources bar on the right side.

Annotated Reports:

American Law Reports - Federal

American Law Reports, 4th and 5th

  • Lexis: Content Type> Secondary Materials > Treatises, Practice Guides & Jurisprudence
  • Westlaw: Content Type> Secondary Sources> “By Type” – American Law Reports

American Law Institute Publications:

Model Codes, Reports and Drafts

Restatements of the Law, Reports and Drafts

  • Westlaw: Content Types > Secondary Sources > “American Law Institute”
  • Lexis: Content Type> Secondary Materials > Varies

Forms of Pleading and Practice and Legal Forms:

CA Judicial Council Forms

Current set of CA forms

Current set of Federal Forms

  • Lexis: State Materials > California > Secondary Materials > “Top Secondary Sources” > California Forms Of Pleading and Practice – Annotated OR “Forms”
  • Westlaw: Form Finder > Forms by Publication > Federal Procedural Forms

Uniform Laws Annotated

  • Westlaw  > Statutes & Court Rules > Uniform Laws Annotated

CA Materials:

-CA Supreme Court case reports (official or unofficial)

-CA Appellate Courts case reports (official or unofficial

-West Digest

-CA Jurisprudence 3rd

-Wests or Deering’s -Annotated Codes, including indices

-CA Jury Instructions, -Civil and Criminal

-Law Commission Reports

-Attorney General Opinions

-CA Code of Regulations

  • Westlaw>  State Materials> Cases > California State & Federal Cases > California State Cases / Lexis: Advanced Search: CA Supreme Court Cases from 1850
  • Westlaw: State Materials > Cases > California State & Federal Cases > California Courts of Appeal Cases Lexis: State > California > Cases > “CA Courts of Appeal Cases from 1905”
  • West’s Digest: Westlaw – State Materials > California > "Key Number Search Tool", which uses a word search to identify up to five key numbers OR with the "Key Numbers and Digest" feature (browse by subject using an expandable tree – no search terms required)
  • Cal Jur 3rdWestlaw – “State Materials” > California > Secondary Sources > California Jurisprudence
  • West’s Annotated Codes: Westlaw > Statutes & Court Rules
  • California Statutes & Court Rules > California Statutes Index
  • CA Jury Instructions: Lexis> Content Type > Jury Instructions > California / Westlaw:  Secondary Sources > California Secondary Sources > Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions (CACI)
  • CA Law Commission: direct website
  • Attorney General Opinions: Westlaw> Administrative Decisions & Guidance > California Administrative Decisions & Guidance > California Attorney General Opinions /  Lexis: State Materials > California > Administrative Materials, Codes and Regulations > CA Attorney General Opinions
  • CA Code of Regulation: Lexis > California > Administrative Materials, Codes and Regulations / Westlaw: California Regulations > Current version of Barclays Official California Code of Regulations (CCR)

Federal Materials:

United States Supreme Court cases, any set

Federal Reporter, 1st – 3rd

Federal Supplement

Federal Rules Decisions

Tax Court Cases

Board of Tax Appeals decisions

Federal Digest

Supreme Court Digest

Annotated edition of US Code

United States Statutes at Large

Code of Fed Regulations

Loose leaf Tax Service

  • Supreme Court Cases: Westlaw > Cases > U.S. Supreme Court Cases / Lexis: Content Type > Federal > US Supreme Court Cases
  • Federal Reporter, Federal Supplement, and Federal Rules Decisions (all very similar) :Westlaw: Cases > Federal Cases / Lexis: Federal > All Federal Cases
  •  Tax Court Cases & Board of Tax Appeals Decision: Westlaw > Cases > Tax Court > Right sidebar: US Tax Court Cases
  • Federal Digest / Supreme Court Digest: General Search Boxes work on both
  • US Annotated Code (USCA) – Westlaw > Statutes & Court Rules
  • United States Code Annotated (USCA) / Lexis: Federal> US Code Service
  • US Code of Federal Regulations – Lexis & Westlaw:  Search box: Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
  • Looseleaf Tax Service: Lexis: Search “CCH Standard Federal Tax Reporter”

National Reporter System

(1st to date for all)

Atlantic Reporter

New York Official Reports

Northeastern Rept

Northwestern Rept

Pacific Rept

Southwestern Rept

Southern Rept

Southeastern Rept

  • Searchable by case on both Lexis and Westlaw

Text and Treatises

Encyclopedia, treatises, or current text for all bar tested courses taught

Witkin, Summary of CA Law

Witkin, CA Procedure

Witkin, CA Criminal Law

Witkin, CA Evidence

  • Witkin on Westlaw: Secondary Sources > California Secondary Sources > California Texts & Treatises > Witkin's California Materials

Law Reviews and Journals

  • Westlaw: Secondary Sources > Law Reviews and Journals
  • Lexis: Secondary Materials> Law Reviews and Journals
  • 2,200+ Law Journals on HeinOnline

Other Resources:

Current Law Index or Index to Legal Periodicals

Local county and city ordinances

Local Municipal Codes

Legislative history – United States Code

Congressional and Administrative News (USCCAAN)

Local Court Rules

  • Index to Legal Periodicals on Westlaw only- Secondary Sources > Current Index to Legal Periodicals
  • Local county and city ordinances/ municipal codes –Search by County/City on the web
  • Local Court Rules – Searchable on Google
  • USCCAAN – Westlaw: Legislative History  > U.S. Code Congressional & Administrative News

Cite Checking Resources:

Shepard’s Citation Service or Westlaw KeyCite

  • Embedded into Lexis (Shepards) or Westlaw (Keycite)

JFK Legal Research Services

Live Workshop Sessions

JFK students have multiple opportunities to attend live virtual workshops. These sessions are interactive and provide opportunities to learn from peers and ask questions. 

Current Workshops

Join Law Librarian Jamie Diermier for an informative, interactive skills-building workshop that will review legal research strategies, databases, and specific legal materials and resources you’ll need to succeed in the JD program. Come prepared to share your questions and learn from Jamie and your fellow peers. Attend as often as you like!

Connect to the Library Events page to register for this workshop. 

Join law librarian Jamie Diermier for a hands-on, interactive workshop where you will gain first-hand experience conducting legal research. This workshop goes a step above the 101 workshop offering. This legal research "learning lab" is designed to allow multiple, simultaneous screenshare for each participant, therefore each session will be limited to 5 students or less to allow for individual attention. 

There will be hypos (fact patterns, or hypothetical legal issues) presented at the beginning of the workshop, and each participant will go into their own Westlaw and Lexis portal and learn where legal resources are and how to approach a legal research issue from start to finish. Participant screensharing is highly encouraged - please come prepared!

Connect to the listing to register


ASC/NCU Library Law School Orientation

Join the ASC and the NCU Library for a joint orientation on services offered to JFK College of Law students. Follow this link to reserve your seat in this session: Click here for assistance with scheduling. 

Upcoming Orientation Dates


  • 3rd Sunday: January 17, 2021


  • 1st Thursday: February 4, 2021
  • 3rd Sunday: February 21, 2021




Join Librarian Jamie Diermier for live help with your JD Textbooks. These sessions are optional and drop in. Please see attached textbook guides below, which will be the basis of these sessions. 

First week of classes – Drop-In Zoom sessions held 1 hour prior to 6 pm classes (Pacific Time).

Monday 1/11, from 5-6 PM PST “textbook office hours” for Monday classes

LAW 115B: Contracts

Law 214B: Civil Procedure

Law 420: Remedies

Tuesday 1/12 from 5-6 PM PST “textbook office hours” for the following Tuesday classes:

LAW 117: Legal Methods

LAW 125: Legal Research & Writing

LAW 313: Community Property

LAW 628: Housing Clinic

LAW 614: Bankruptcy Law

Wednesday 1/13 from 5-6 PM PST:  “textbook office hours” for the following Wednesday classes:

LAW 120: Criminal Law

LAW 212B: Real Property

LAW 318: Criminal Procedure

Thursday 1/14 from 5-6 PM PST: “textbook office hours” for the following Thursday classes:

LAW 112: Torts

LAW 216B Evidence

LAW 652 Immigration (no textbook, but students will need to make sure Westlaw and Lexis accounts are established)

LAW 320: Constitutional Law

Friday, Jan 15th: 2-4 PM PST – Any Remaining Classes / Troubleshooting:



JFK Legal Research Training Consultation service provides one-on-one legal research support for JFK College of Law students in the JD Law and BA Legal Studies programs. Legal specialist librarians, Jamie or Sherry, will sit down with you over Zoom to assist with:
  • Locating secondary and primary law resources within WestlawEdge, Lexis+, and other databases.
  • Training on important legal materials and how they can help you in your research process.
  • How to get started on your legal research assignment
Note: Librarians cannot provide legal advice, including how to analyze materials or what conclusions to draw from the resources; we can only point you to the resources - from there, inquire with your professor for help with analysis. 


Schedule a Legal Research Consultation


Recorded Video Legal Research Consultations are sessions that provide customized legal research assistance with a reference librarian. These sessions will be recorded and emailed to you within 3 business days (Monday - Friday). 
Note: Librarians cannot provide legal advice, including how to analyze materials or what conclusions to draw from the resources; we can only point you to the resources - from there, inquire with your professor for help with analysis. 


Areas of Assistance: 
  • Guidance on developing your search strategy
  • Receive clarification and education on types of legal resources (i.e. primary vs. secondary)
If you need help with legal writing and citations, please contact the Academic Success Center for support.


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