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JFK School of Law Resource Center Home

JFK School of Law Resource Center Home

Attending Legal Writing Sessions

Scheduling a Session

ATTN: You must be a registered user to schedule an appointment.

Register for coaching using the Academic Success Center Coaching Scheduler (WCOnline).WCOnline Login page

Individual Sessions:

If you would like to schedule an individual session with a legal writing coach, please use ASC Chat at the hours listed in ASC Contact Information to make that request.


Group Writing Sessions and Orientation:

Please use the Academic Success Center Coaching Scheduler to self-schedule any of the available group sessions.


Exploring the Academic Success Center and Law Library Orientation ion

January 6 and February 3 at 4:00 p.m.

January 16 and February 20 at 11:00 a.m.

Join us for a tour of the Academic Success Center (ASC) and Law Library, where you will learn what services are available to assist you with developing skills in legal writing and research.  The ASC and Library Law Resources Orientation is for law students who want to understand where to access resources for legal citations, writing, and research to provide you with the support you need to achieve your academic goals.  Coaching Scheduler

Issue Spotting 101 - Group Session

Issue Spotting Icon books on a table



The “I” in IRAC, the ever-elusive “issue” is the necessary component in assessing facts to determine the rule of law. This session will break down legal fact patterns to identify relevant information used to formulate the issue. Coaching Scheduler

Analyzing the Issue with the Rule

Books and Gavel on table



Now that you’ve conquered spotting the issue, it’s time to analyze for legal sufficiency! Analyzing the Issue with the Rule merges potential issues with the learned rule of law to formulate a clear and concise legal analysis. Coaching Scheduler

Legal Writing Power Hours


Legal Writing Power Hours

No appointment is required to attend. Use the provided link to enter the session

JFK First-Year Forum

Sunday at 11:00 a.m. 

It’s not your imagination, law school is REALLY hard.  Come spend a couple of hours in this safe space where we will discuss various issues that arise for typical 1L students, including time management, tackling difficult concepts related to course assignments, and addressing potential barriers to success.   

Join our live legal writing power hours session for support, guidance, and accountability! This is an open Zoom session where you can come and complete your coursework without interruption with an accountability buddy, or two!

Join legal writing coach, Gehrrie Bellamy any time within the 2-hour block. The session begins at 11 am Pacific / 12 pm Mountain / 1 pm Central / 2 pm Eastern.

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