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ACRL-DOLS Spring 2021 Virtual Poster Session

Challenges and Future Plans for the Recorded Video Research Consultation Service

Student Engagement and Feedback
While students have expressed an interest in the service, few requests have been received compared to live, synchronous research consultations. Librarians have noted that online students desire face-to-face communication. In some instances, users who have requested a recorded video research consultation have not provided enough information about their topics or challenges on request forms and do not respond to follow-up questions emailed by librarians. Similarly, some users have not confirmed receipt of recording or do not fill out the post-survey with feedback on its usefulness.

Librarians can track the total number of video views for recordings through Screencast-o-Matic's analytics; however, these views may include watch traffic from library staff thus misrepresenting access to recordings by students. Statistics in Screencast-O-Matic are limited in scope as staff can only track the number of overall views and activity over the last 30 days.

Service Confusion
Users may not directly understand the service and associate the term consultation with a live, face-to-face session, rather than a recorded screenshare. Librarians have considered renaming the service, such as Personalized Research Tutorial, Customized RecordedTutorial, or Research-on-Demand.

Information about the service has been promoted via email blasts, a write-up in the NCU Library's newsletter, and in various posts in the Commons, the university's social networking platform for students, faculty, and staff. Additional efforts to promote this service are ongoing.

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