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The Commons

Find Your Post or Someone Else's Post

Posts can be found in multiple ways.

  • You can locate your own posts as well as search for a community member’s post you are interested in.
  • To locate your own posts, click on the “Profile” button from the left-hand menu:

Commons Left Profile

  • Or click on “Profile” from the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner:

  Commons Profile Right

  • All of your posts will appear under the “Posts” link.
  • Clicking on the “Comments” link will bring up the original posts on which you have commented, allowing you to view the original content.
  • To find posts and comments shared by others, use the Search tool.
  • Start by clicking in the "Search" bar at the top of the page, then click on the magnifying glass icon.
  • Here you can search by keyword and post type.

Search the Commons Eye Glass

Find a Student

The Commons is a great way to build your network and to get to know other students and faculty. Using keywords, you can search for fellow users by school, program, or state.

  • You can pull up a list of students by changing the “Type” field to “Person."

Type Commons

  • In the search field, type in keywords, such as a school or field of interest.
  • You can narrow down your search in multiple different ways by changing the “Type” field

May Types

  • Not all students update their profiles. If you don’t find anyone through the search feature go ahead and post a conversation into the NCU or school communities asking if anyone shares your interests or lives nearby.

Finding Your Recent Activity

Sometimes you remember a post you participated in but can’t remember what community it was in. Follow these steps to locate your recent activity.

  • From the homepage of The Commons, click on the “Profile” link.
  • To find the recent comments you made to posts, click on the “Comments” link. You can also narrow your search here by using the filter.

  • Within your recent activity, you can reply to, edit, and delete your comments or posts.
  • To get back into the conversation just click the conversation title or link.

Go Back to Conversation

  • Another way to edit or delete your posts in The Commons is to click on the “Pencil” icon located in the right-hand corner of all your posts.

Pencil Edit

Find a Community

Over your academic career at NCU, you may find it helpful to find and join new communities within The Commons. These specialized groups can help you find support with students and faculty.

  • Click on the “Discover groups” link on the homepage. 

Discover Groups

  • Once you are in the directory of communities, use the filter bar and type in keywords to find groups related to your interests.
  • Click “Join” to add yourself to the group.

Join or Your a Member

  • You can also join a group by searching for the group and once you are on the groups home page you can click "Join"


Follow a Conversation

Commons users have the ability to follow conversations. This means they are able to keep a pulse on a conversation or post as new comments are added to the thread.

  • To follow a conversation, simply click on the “Follow” button on a post.

Follow a Conversation

  • You will know you have successfully followed a conversation when the option to unfollow appears.
  • To find posts you are following, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner and click on the “Following” link.


  • Comments can be added and you can also choose to unfollow.
  • You will receive notifications of new content in a followed conversation in your Daily Summary Email.

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