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American Library Association Annual Meeting 2017

This guide contains the ALA 2017 Poster Presentation by NCU Librarians.

Skills Learned Comments

I learned specific ways to search for journals and books.

Amanda was prepared, professional and friendly.

I learned how to search with the use of other tools to find specific topics or related materials.  I learned how to find dissertations that have been done that may relate to my topic.

The session with Amanda was superb!  I was frustrated with my progress in DIS9501 and was ready to quit.  Amanda showed me many strategies and ways to find articles to support my topic.    I particularly feel I will benefit from the proximity searching, searching with subject terms, being able to link from Google Scholar directly to NCU and using ProQuest to research other dissertations related to my topic.    I highly recommend this training to ALL students attending NCU.

I learned how to use the Roadrunner search techniques such as narrowing and broadening my search for scholarly/peer reviewed results.

an advance search theme N5 searching in/through and navigating Google Scholar  Linking Google Scholar articles to NCU

I learned nesting, limiting searches, finding similar resources.  I thoroughly enjoyed participating in such detailed consultation.

Roadrunner search with the different options Limiters to narrow my search

New skills acquired after the consultation:  * How to effective use Google Scholar * Utilizing the reference section of the articles and dissertation found in searches * How to narrow searches for test and instruments used in research * How to locate and utilize discipline specific tests and measurements

It was easy doing the research while I was talking to the consultant.  However, doing it on my own may be a different story. She showed me various ways to search, using search terms, and discussed and showed me how to use Google Scholar.

Nesting !   Features of the database systems, e.g. citations, # an article was cited by others.  Important tips, e.g.  not checking full-text to enable access to all resources -- which an inter-library loan requests can be made; as well as using inter-library loan for requests of chapters within a book as opposed to a whole book.  Additionally, I learned about which provides local libraries near me that may have desired resources via inter-library loan.  An understanding that data base systems utilize a specific language and how to access and utilize subject terms to improve expediency and relevance of research process.

I learned how to navigate different research databases and how to input certain codes and truncations within the subject. Honestly, this should be part of doctoral courses. I feel like I wasted a whole dissertation course. If I had known this quality information that I received today, my journey may have been shorter. Thank you, again!

I learned about using quotes & parentheses to narrow my search term to specific terms.  I also learned about using the abstract as a resource to search as well as cite by information.  I even learned when & why on certain search engine I would use the date to modify my search.

Ways to do more in depth searching like using nesting searches, as well as truncated words.  How to use existing articles to see how often they were cited and used helping me find a ton more stuff.

How to better limit my search by * and truncation.  Also different reference resources.

I learned how to find the right source for my research study.

Using a different word search to obtain needed references.

I learned how to use Google Scholar. I learned how to how to save my search history in the NCU library.  I learn how I could update the year of the article.  I also learned how to research the references in a dissertation that is similar to my topic.  Overall, I was quite impressed with consultation.

Keyword Types

I learn to use the online library better

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