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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

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Mission of the IRB

The mission of the NCU IRB is to support and nurture a university-wide ethical research culture that promotes the practice of robust research while protecting human participants.

The IRB values:

  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Efficient Customer Service
  • Education and Growth

Does My Research Require IRB Review?

IRB review is required for all dissertation research and for any data collection that is intended for publication or to contribute to generalizable knowledge. In addition, all faculty research not focused on internal improvement requires IRB review.

IRB review is not required for student course projects and institutional research that are not designed to contribute to generalizable knowledge. The following types of institutional research do not require IRB review: internal research to evaluate institutional programs or determine institutional effectiveness, data collection and analysis for accreditation purposes, and reviews of course or instructor ratings. NCU faculty and staff involved with designing course projects related to research are strongly encouraged to contact the IRB to verify that the projects will not require IRB oversight.