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Institutional Review Board (IRB): Online Surveys & Questionnaires

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Introduction to Online Surveys & Questionnaires

If you are using an online survey or questionnaire, you will need to create your survey and have it ready before submitting your IRB application. You will provide your survey link within the IRB application so that the IRB member can open and test the survey. The survey link you provide should not require the IRB to login or use any special permissions in order to view the survey.

Do I have to use a specific survey platform?

NCU researchers have free access to Qualtrics. To request a free Qualtrics account, email your name and NCU email address to the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness ( Other survey platforms are welcome as long as they are secure.

What are the IRB requirements for online surveys?

Online surveys should meet the following NCU IRB requirements. For a visual example, here is the NCU IRB’s example online survey.

  1. The full consent letter should appear on the first page of the survey. The consent letter text should appear within the survey: the survey should not link to a separate document or attachment.
  2. The consent letter should be formatted in a manner that is easy and clear to read. The letter should have headings and spaces between the paragraphs and headings.
  3. At the end of the consent letter text, users should be asked to select "I agree" or "I disagree."
  4. Users who select “I agree” should be taken to the survey questions.
  5. Users who select “I disagree” to the consent letter should be exited from the survey and should not be able to see or answer the survey questions.

How do I build my survey in Qualtrics?

Please use the following resources to create your survey in Qualtrics:

Introduction to Qualtrics Platform & Creating a Consent Letter

Building and Testing a Survey

Survey Settings, Publishing a Survey, & Distribution Lists

Survey Data, Reporting, & Analysis

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