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Institutional Review Board (IRB): Qualtrics Consent Review

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Qualtrics Consent Letter Format Review

Qualtrics Consent Letter Format Review is an asynchronous service that is intended for students who are formatting their consent letter on their Qualtrics survey/questionnaire. This is not a review of your survey questions or your IRB application and contents. This session is asynchronous, meaning we will not be meeting face-to-face. Please note, to be eligible for this session you must have attended a consent letter group writing session and/or asynchronous document review first.

How should I prepare for this session?

For this session, please ensure that you have attended all of the Group Writing Sessions. This service only addresses formatting issues of the consent letter in Qualtrics.

How does Qualtrics Consent Letter Review work?

You will register below and attach a link to your survey in the form. An IRB member will review the formatting of the consent letter without you present and send you written and/or video feedback for you to revise your documents on your own time. You will receive feedback within 48 hours of the time you register for. 

If you register for Qualtrics Consent Letter Review, you will not be scheduled to meet or talk with an IRB member in real-time. If you want to work with someone in real-time, then please register for group writing sessions or attend IRB office hours.

Please note that the person who reviews your documents will not be the person who later reviews your application or gives you IRB approval. You may still receive additional feedback after you submit your application.


To register for Qualtrics Consent Letter Format Review, follow these 2 steps:

Step 1: Finalize Your Consent Letter

Do not attend this session until you have finalized your eligibility criteria and consent letter using our group writing sessions. If it is clear that you have not attended these sessions, your registration will be cancelled

You can receive feedback in the Group Writing Sessions, or IRB Document Review.

Step 2: Add Josh as a Collaborator

Add Josh Leonard as a collaborator to your Qualtrics survey project. The email address you will enter is

Need help? Email

Registration System

Please select your time zone first. You will then schedule a time for an IRB member to review your documents asynchronously.

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