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Learn About the ASC

In this guide, students, faculty members, and staff can learn more about the ASC's tiers of service, policies, and staff.

Academic Success Center Policies

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ASC Coaching Policies

  • All students receive personalized coaching plans when attending a recorded, group, or individual session. Students will follow their prescribed coaching plan that will denote the skills, timeline, and frequency of coaching that a student receives.
  • Students are allowed one no-show, no contact. After the second no-show, no-contact, their Academic Success Center account will be disabled.
    • A no-show is determined if a student does not attend the session or contact the Academic Success Center during the first ten minutes of the session.
    • Students will need to email the Academic Success Center an explanation of why the session was missed and what actions they will take to prevent another missed appointment. 
    • Subsequent missed appointments will require an Action Plan to be completed before an account will be reinstated. 
      • All sessions are scheduled in Phoenix, AZ - Mountain Standard Time. Please plan accordingly.

Recorded Session Policies

  • Recorded sessions without an uploaded document will be canceled.
    • This type of session is asynchronous and a document is needed or else feedback cannot be given.
  • Coaches will only review the originally uploaded document.  
  • Students must receive and apply feedback before scheduling another recorded coaching session.
    • Review the coaching plan provided with the session feedback and use that to inform the next coaching session such as another recorded, a group session or an individual session.

Live (Group/Individual) Session Policies

  • Students may only have one (1) individual coaching session per day. Additional individual sessions will be canceled.  
    • See the first policy on this page about following coaching plans.
    • Students can attend more than one group session per day or group session(s) the same day as an individual session.
  • For every coaching plan, you will have one head coach, and he or she will schedule additional sessions with other coaches as needed and as noted in the Plan of Success area of the coaching plan.
  • Individual sessions need to be scheduled via ASC Chat. Due to this policy, individual session appointment times appear to be filled in the student view of the schedule.
  • Coaches are required to ask attendees to identify themselves if the name displayed in a Zoom meeting does not match the appointment form.
  • Please be ready to learn and focus during your group/individual session. Plan to attend from a computer and be able to engage without distraction. If you aren't able to commit to that during this time, we suggest rescheduling.

Please use this page as a guide to understanding the Academic Success Center's policies. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them via Ask a Coach where you can search our FAQs, ask a question or chat live with a coach. 

Plagiarism Policy

  • Students are responsible for ensuring their documents follow NCU's Academic Integrity guidelines.
  • The Academic Success Center coaches and proofreaders do not review documents for plagiarism. Coaches and proofreaders will assist students with ensuring citations are correctly formatted in alignment with how the text is written (e.g. quotes or paraphrased). 

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