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Legal Writing Resources

This guide contains all of the ASC's legal writing resources.

Atlantic ReportersNorth Eastern ReportersNorth Western ReportersPacific ReportersSouth Eastern ReportersSouthern ReportersSouth Western Reporters         


Regional Reporter Codes


Atlantic Reporters North Eastern Reporters North Western Reporters Pacific Reporters South Eastern Reporters Southern Reporters South Western Reporters


A. 2d

A. 3d


  N.E. 2d


   N.W. 2d


   P. 2d

   P. 3d


S.E. 2d


So. 2d

So. 3d


S.W. 2d

S.W. 3d



West’s California Reporter only publishes the California Court of Appeals decisions.

  • Cal. Rptr. 
  • Cal. Rptr. 2d
  • Cal. Rptr. 3d

New York has West’s New York Supplement which only publishes NY appellate court decisions.

  • N.Y. 2d
  • N.Y. 3d


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